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ReportsFOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM (FCE). 2018 Annual Report
The accomplishments which FOODCOIN got throughout the year
Over the past year, FOODCOIN made significant efforts on technical development. The team has grown with experienced developers , and thanks to their hard work, FOODCOIN Blockchain advanced 1.5 years ahead of the roadmap.

The Beta of FOOD token tracking system FOODSCAN was released. FOODSCAN as an explorer of FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM (FCE) blockchain allows to monitor current transactions and holders, as well as to see the token’s general information, number of blocks and FOODCOIN holders. It also allows to track the transaction of any particular account. There are also Beta-versions other major components of FOODCOIN Ecosystem like Product tracker PRORID, Blockchain Explorer FOODSCAN, e-passport system DIGID.

FOODCOIN website was redesigned, becoming much more user friendly, while remaini
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