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ArticlesNew Technology to Prevent Food Fraud: DLT Makes Our Food Safer
Nutrition is extremely important for the health of individual people and entire nations. Lack of safety and trustable information on food products jeopardized the health status of citizens of various countries for a long time. While food fraud is not a new problem we faced, now the sight of volumes and consequences of food fraud make us to find new technical ways to defeat it.
In Big Chains, There's Room for Fraud

Complex supply chains are difficult to track regularly. Today, even the most basic products are supplied by several different companies, and the lack of information and connectivity between companies gives huge opportunities and rewards for fraudsters.

The survey of International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) members included 166 WHO member states and showed that 97% of respondents demonstrated a desire to learn more about ways to fight food fraud and to deal with food safety events. This suggests that technical support is now urgently needed to improve food safety.

Without Trust, We Have Nothing

Food products are constantly checked. Every food production is required to undergo certification. Products must meet ever-growing requirements based on the recommendations of the Global Food Safety Initiative regarding vulne
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