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ReportsFOODCOIN Monthly Report January-February 2019
FOODCOIN Team is presenting a report on the accomplishments of January and February 2019.
Over the last period, the following events were carried out by FOODCOIN Team.

- FOODCOIN Team took part in Humanitarian Hackathon in Brussels, Belgium. The event took place 15-16 January at Egmont Palace, and covered numerous topics, like ensuring transparency in school feeding, empowering smallholder farmers, and other spheres, which require cutting-edge technologies to address modern challenges.

- Food business owners and associations are actively implementing FOODCOIN Blockchain in their businesses. One of them is ALDIM GmbH. As a part of their promotion campaign, they are selling their products in 6-pack Promo-boxes. All the information about the ingredients, sale and delivery are trackable and stored in Blockchain. It is accessible by scanning the QR-codes printed on the product ja
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