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When the whole world becomes digital, it is extremely inconvenient to use the old ways of operating business documentation.
Working with paper documents is time-consuming. According to IDC, an average company spends 10% of its income on paperwork.

Employees of any company have to spend a lot of time on monotonous tasks: print documents, fill in requisites - and so on several times a day. With a large volume of paperwork, the process takes a long time, and besides, the risk of errors increases: an employee can place a document in the wrong directory, and it will be lost. But with the help of modern technology, you can expand the capabilities of a conventional printing device and optimize the execution of routine office tasks. Digital workflow automatically collects reports, scans data from passports and other documents, makes it possible to conclude contracts remotely, speeds up the approval of documents, and protects information.

The set of FCE tools with optional blockchain architecture connectivity includes an electronic signature, document manager, secure cloud database, and can also combine smart
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