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ArticlesCloud Digital Transformation and Efficient Data Processing
The advanced progress of the contemporary market, the expanding amounts of data, and the ubiquity of high-speed internet connection have paved the way for rapid development and adoption of cloud technologies, and the recent global shift towards remote work has forced this process to grow exponentially. Clouds are remote servers combined into the network of computing nodes, and they provide the conditions for organizations to perform tasks in the new market reality, including the high level of security, scalability, and adaptability.
Clouds Take on a Lot of Work

Companies transfer the storage and processing of their data to the clouds and get the computing power and storage space they need, with minimal cost to build and maintain their IT infrastructure. Remote networks can provide storage and virtualization (IaaS), hardware and software tools (PaaS), as well as unique software (SaaS). Cloud solutions are business-specific and suitable for small, medium, and enterprise- levels.

The Beginning of Digital Transformation

In addition to the traditional benefits, other reasons to use cloud infrastructure are becoming essential. Clouds are a good start to the optimization of business processes and smooth step-by-step digital transformation. In general, digital transformation means building bridges between processes, technologies, and structures within the company. Cloud services are the main bridge and com
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