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ArticlesChanges in automatic management: Next-generation ERP systems
Enterprise resource planning systems, or ERP systems, help many companies manage a variety of functions, from supply chains to human resources and finance. Over time, however, ERP systems have evolved into complicated, inflexible structures that limit the benefits of digitization.
Companies are implementing innovative solutions not only for particular operations but also within the whole management system of the enterprise at all stages. One of the IT solutions most demanded by manufacturers is smart planning tools that help optimize companies' inventory and resources. Due to the integration of automated ERP systems, it is possible to quickly monitor the demand for materials, equipment, and staff, to minimize manual labor on the procurement, supply chain, production management.

The ERP market remains in the phase of rapid expansion: Software Market Research has estimated that the total market size will exceed $49.5 billion by 2024. ERP systems upgrade and develop, improving performance and user experience. The inflexible and monolithic ERP systems of the past were the result of the long-time customization and M&A w
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