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NewsFoodCoin was added to the voting list on С-CEX Exchange
C-CEX Exchange added FoodCoin to the voting list. Winner coins become tradeable every 14 days. At the moment, there are 9 days left to the end of the round.

To cast a free vote, you should have an account on C-CEX with some amount of BTC on it. Paid voting is also available. To cast a vote, you should send 0,001 BTC to the specified address. С-CEX voting rules are provided below:

"You can vote for adding coin to our exchange here by depositing BTC to it's address. We are adding 1 winner coin each 14 days. All BTC votes are taking into account after 1 confirmation and rechecked at the moment of voting round finish. BTC sent to voting address are non-refundable. Coin dev must provide block explorer, website or forum thread with wallet links including source code link (github preferrable). Please, make sure coin is compatible with our existing interfaces.".

The more exchanges will accept FoodCoin, the more popular and valuable the project will be. Thank you for your support!
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