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NewsFOOD Trades Stop on ForkDelta
The safety and sustainability of the community is essentially important for FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM. We always protect our users and provide a safe space for honest interaction.
Suspicious activity was established on ForkDelta, where FOOD was traded. This situation forced us to take action.

For several months, the price manipulated the FOOD token using its low liquidity systematically. It became a regularity that immediately after publications of project's positive news the price fell sharply and kept artificially in a low state for several days. Usually, after that, we received offers to help raise the price by offering marketing services and intermediation for listing on various exchanges.

We ignored these suggestions. But starting from July 21, at ForkDelta Exchange, abnormal activity was being extinguished by selling 0 tokens at 0 price. Numerous attempts to contact representatives of ForkDelta to get answers to what was happening were unsuccessful. All our requests to help stop the manipulation were ignored, and the manipulations increased. The functionality of the exchange allows its users to carry out such operations and influence the total price
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