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FoodCoin Ecosystem Collaborates with Ed Begley, Jr.’s Innovations

FoodCoin has decided to undertake the mission to show the benefits that blockchain may bring to people, especially in such important spheres as food and agriculture.
FoodCoin Collaborates with Ed Begley Jr.’s InnovationsOver the last month, two large European food producers, The Turmeric Company and ALDIM GmbH joined FoodCoin as partners to implement tools to optimize their supply chains and ensure quality of the products.

However, making partnerships with businesses is not enough. The business owners, especially in such conservative spheres as food and agriculture, are often distrustful for innovations and reluctant to implement them. When it comes to blockchain, even the most progressive people will rather associate it with speculations. That is why an important part of FoodCoin’s mission is the education. Wide audience needs to learn about the tools, innovations and ideas, as well was benefit the blockchain provides. That is why FoodCoin has decided to collaborate with Ed Begley Jr. and take part in a 30-minute educational serie Innovations.

This episode will broadcast in 3rd quarter of 2018 on the largest TV networks in US and over the world. These are FOX Business, Travel Channel, Voice of America, RFD TV, Discovery Channel, and CNN. Total audience of these networks comprises nearly 447,000,000 subscribers. This is a fairly widespread, but not the only way for FoodCoin to spread the word, and they intend to keep sharing its ideas among people.

The program is planned to be recorded in the next month, and we will publish updates about it. We hope you will like it!

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