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FoodCoin integration with CoinPayments

We are excited to announce that FoodCoin tokens are now fully integrated into popular cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinPayments.
Announcing FoodCoin integration with CoinPayments

Using comprehensive API provided by CoinPayments, independent website owners and third-party marketplaces can now integrate FoodCoins as accepted method of payment for goods and services. CoinPayments plugins are available for such popular third-party shopping cart providers as Opencart, Magento, Ubercart, Drupal Commerce and others. Over 500,000 users of CoinPayments payment gateway can now access FoodCoin tokens and both make and accept payments using the token.

FoodCoin EcoSystem will continue working with multiple third-party partners to extend FoodCoins adoption in the global market for food and agriculture. If you want to work with us on improving food systems and making good food available to more consumers, please contact us at or reach out via our official social media channels.
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