The Token Generation Event of FoodCoin Ecosystem has closed today

Today, December 27 of 2017, the 1st stage of the FOOD token sale has been completed. We greatly appreciate all our participants for the support. Your support shows the importance of the problem we all resolve together.

The Token Generation Event of FoodCoin Ecosystem has closed todayMore than 11,000 ETH were raised during the Token Generation Event. Exact amount of tokens sold will be determined after the contract release. The next sale stage will be carried out in the next year.

Please confirm in your profile that you have specified the correct wallet address. If the address of your wallet is not specified, or you have specified a non-existent wallet, the tokens will remain on our site, still available.

After the distribution of the tokens, you will be able to make full use of them, such as sending them to other wallets and making payments, mainly on 1000ecofarms, where the payment mechanism is already implemented (

The token will become available on the exchanges within 2 weeks. The list of exchages is currently being confirmed. Stay tuned for the news.
After the contract release, the team will start developing own blockchain, so to the December 2018 we will have our own blockchain, as well as new wallet - Wallok. Thanks to you and your support, the FoodCoin blockchain will be developed.

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