FCE CEO SPEAKS AT THE EVENT BY EPESource: The event takes place on January 14 in Brussels Source: It is a crucial event for our sustainable futureSource: Speakers will offer their own ideas and solutions
Poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, peace and justice are essential issues for the future of the humanity. In order to solve these problems jointly, UN Members have formed 17 Goals for Sustainable Development and a 15-year plan to achieve the Goals.
The Goals for Sustainable Development are interlinked and interdependent: eradicating poverty and inequality cannot be achieved without better education, healthcare and economic growth, as well as strategies to tackle climate change and preserve natural resources.

Here are the 17 global challenges we face:

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms
Goal 2: Zero Hunger
Goal 3: Health
Goal 4: Education
Goal 5: Gender equality and women’s empowerment
Goal 6: Water and Sanitation
Goal 7: Energy
Goal 8: Economic Growth
Goal 9: Infrastructure, industrialization
Goal 10: Inequality
Goal 11: Cities
Goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production
Goal 13: Climate Change
Goal 14: Oceans
Goal 15: Biodiversity, forests, desertification
Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
Goal 17: Partnerships

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies published a research paper (2018) about potential for using blockchain applications on a significant part of SDGs, including SDGs 2 (Zero Hunger), 8 (Economic Growth), 9 (Infrastructure, industrialization), 10 (Inequality) and 16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions).

European Partners for the Environment and Be the SDGs hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee Observatory on SDGs and the EESC Partnership with Civil Society initiated the Think tank meeting named “Blockchains for the European Green Deal and SDGs” to explore how to apply blockchain technology and improve existing environmental, economic and social situation.

The Think Tank meeting is taking place on January 14, in Brussels, Belgium. Several roundtables are scheduled for the event, and a series of speeches by the experts who will share their proposals, ideas, research and experience.
Source: The event takes place on January 14 in Brussels
Source: The event takes place on January 14 in Brussels
Source: It is a crucial event for our sustainable future
Source: It is a crucial event for our sustainable future
Source: Speakers will offer their own ideas and solutions
Source: Speakers will offer their own ideas and solutions
The CEO of FCE Blockchain, Gregory Arzumanian, will be one of the speakers at this meeting. The FCE Blockchain software development and its application to existing business models can catalyze the modern process of transforming supply chains. Supply chains need to be digitized to make products traceable and safe. This is especially important for working with food, as counterfeiting in this industry leads global environmental and health problems. Transparency, control and tracking with specially created systems will enable the manufacturer to work more efficiently, save resources and be confident in their products, and consumers to be confident in their food, while at the same time enabling the opportunity government agencies to trace the overall impact of wild production on the economy and the environment. Blockchain-based tools can be applied to track land use, control food production and transportation, and other areas where transparency is important.

This event is a brainstorming session to solve practical problems using DLT technology. Participants' speeches will be the key to clarifying further development strategies for blockchain systems. There will be such crucial performances by:

• Daniel Azevedo, Director of the Commodities and Trade, Copa-Cogeca;
• Genevieve Leveille, CEO of AgriLedger a Agri/Fin-Tech;
• Lucas Zaehringer "PositiveBlockchain.io" worldwide database of blockchain SDG projects;
• Maike Gericke, INATBA Board of Directors;
• Tom Baumann, Climate Change Coalition to advance the use of blockchain;
• Patrick Duvaut, Director Innovation, IMT Paris: JuriGreen;
• Nick Begingler, #Hack4Climate Innovation Program;
• Reza Zain Jaufeerally, Ekofolio;
• Heinz Werner Engel, Vescobel, circular economy, recycling and a purpose driven social economy;
• Stuart Hutton, CDIT, inclusive and sustainable finance blockchain;
• Raymond Van Ermen, EPE;
• Dr. Harald Rauter, Head of Disruptive Technology Experimentation, ClimateKIC AG;
• Khalid Belghiti, INATBA, chair social impact (tbc);
• Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchains Center;
• Peter Verkoulen, The Dutch Blockchain Coalition;
• Francisco Benedito, Spanish Blockchain association Alastria and representative for the Climate Chain Coalition in Spain and LATAM.

All the participants will take part in the roundtable discussions, sharing their visions, policies, strategies and good practices. We are proud that our company's developments are becoming a useful tool for improving the global situation and solving such serious problems as indicated in SDGs. We have a lot of work to do, it, like the work on SDGs, is aimed at achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

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