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NewsAnnouncement of the upcoming freeze of FOOD tokens. Timeline and terms
According to our roadmap, we're freezing the tokens issued during the ICO in order to exchange them for native FCEM tokens on a 1:1 basis.
The freeze will take place on January 31 at 10 am CET.

Token holders will need to accumulate their tokens in their wallets to receive them in the new network before the freeze date. We won't be able to exchange tokens on third-party addresses of exchanges and pools or tokens to which the user doesn't have access. After the freeze, unavailable tokens cannot be exchanged.

In our development, we used Metamask wallet API.

The exchange takes place as follows:

A holder of the frozen tokens will get detailed instructions on how to register on the TransparenTerra platform and complete the KYC procedure. Then, the holder can link the wallet to their personal account, log into the private FCE network and claim the coins for the wallet.

Terms of exchange are not limited. The main thing for token holders now is to collect their tokens in time for their address before the freeze, which is January 31 at 10 am CET.
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