FCE 2020 Annual Report

The project develops, and every month and year achieves new goals. We have prepared the 2020 FCE annual report to present you with our latest achievements.
FCE 2020 Annual Report
FCE 2020 Annual Report
FCE 2020 Annual Report
FCE 2020 Annual Report
FCE 2020 Annual Report
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The FCE Group project continues to develop and expand its boundaries, even though in 2020, it was not an easy task. The global situation has led companies and corporations to focus on survival rather than innovation. On the other hand, the pandemic and lockdown have shown that the global economy is directly reliant on technology advancements. We are actively involved in this process, offering our products, consulting on new technologies, and comprehensive technical support.

Over the last year, the project has advanced in its development, and we have updates to share with you.

At the beginning of the year, the project was rebranded as FCE Group AG. The new name was a sign to show the expansion of the project's scope. Our tools and technologies are valuable and necessary for companies outside the food industry, including Cosmetics, Chemicals, MedTech, Logistics, Luxury, and Pharma, etc.
In January, the CEO of FCE contributed to research and discussion on blockchain technology with European partners on environment and SDGs, with support from the Observatory of the European Economic and Social Committee on SDGs and the EESC Partnership with Civil Society.

In June 2020, FAO and ESCWA organized Zoominar to discuss private sector innovation to discuss the pressing challenges of the agro-industrial sector in a pandemic crisis and how the private sector can address them. Among the speakers of the event, the CEO of FCE shared his vision and solutions.

On July 9, OnRamp Agriculture Conference selected 1000EcoFarms, one of FCE's first partners, to present and discuss potential investments. At the event, the company successfully presented its technical side, provided by the FCE project.

The pandemic and crisis have posed several urgent challenges to the world. It was necessary to discuss them and make joint decisions, but it was also crucial to develop practical solutions.
FCE 2020 Annual Report
FCE 2020 Annual Report
FCE 2020 Annual Report
Technical development
In 2020, the FCE technical team developed several unique solutions.

FCE Platform

The main course of our technical developments in 2020 was the FCE Platform. The combination of smart IoT sensors, renewable RFID tags, and unique software aims to transform supply chains into secure, tracked, manageable high-tech processes.

To start tracking, the company put RFID tags on the product packaging. FCE IoT sensors can automatically track, count, and report on tagged product movements and any inconsistencies.

FCE IoT devices have a set of sensitive elements to collect data on the environment, humidity, CO2, temperature, and other parameters. The first type of sensor monitors the provision of shops, warehouses, and production facilities; and the second type is GPS tracking sensors intended to monitor logistics.

Smart sensors automatically collect information about the functioning of the supply chain and send data to the cloud service. To help protect your data as much as possible, we're plugging in Cloud Service support with blockchain. Sensor sets, tags, and customization of the software are flexible and adjustable. Product identification at each stage, secure software, stable cloud services are the base for FCE Supply Chains 4.0, and protection against counterfeit, illegal trade, and loss.

The team developed and assembled prototypes of smart Internet of Things sensors and carried the first tests. Now, we are getting ready for a full-scale system test.

FCE Initiative

The project launched the FCE Initiative to involve real sector companies in testing the system. Several companies from different countries and continents have already joined us, and we are continuing to develop an ambitious community.


The technical team continues to work with the available tools of the system. We have improved the security and suitability of the FCE crypto wallet WALLOK. Users can now restore access to their wallets with significant balances. It is a helpful and uncommon solution that will defend our users' resources.

Website Update

We also updated the website and made it more convenient, even with poor internet connections. FCE Media now presents professional and varied content on technology trends and innovations. Enjoy the convenience and design of the website and check out our materials on the value of transparency and trust, overcoming the crisis, interdependence of technologies, and others.
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