March-April 2019: Monthly Report

March-April 2019: Monthly Report Source: FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM has appeared at the great eventSource: FOODCOIN Advisory Board has got a new memberSource: The advances of our technical team so far
March-April 2019: Monthly Report
March-April 2019: Monthly Report
April has ended, and FOODCOIN presents a report about the accomplishments of March and April 2019.
An important accomplishment of FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM during the last month was the completion of all principal tools to work with Blockchain. These tools are: PRORID, DOCFLOC, DIGID, BISTRA, FOODSCAN, SMACO, WALLOK and DIPAY. All these tools are on Beta stage, and they are already available for use. Further works on them will consist in optimization and expansion of their functionality. All the information about them is available on FOODCOIN website.
Events and Perfomances

CEO of FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM Gregory Arzumanian participates in Round Table Event with the topic: “Responsive Organisations - Are Hierarchies Obsolete”. The event was carried out on March 14th at the KKL (Luzern). The speakers of the event introduced the topics of optimization and digitizing of the current business model in the food industry.

In April, 25, FOODCOIN took part in an interesting event for representatives of the Swiss food industry. The event was organized by STAUFEN.INOVA AG in the format of a Breakfast Talk on the subject “Radical openness: an ultimate demand of the market”.

There were such labels as Camille Bloch, Cleantech21, Familia, Metzer Rottman Burge, KADI, Wander, SwissPrimePack, ProFairTrade AG, KUHN RIKON Switzerland among the participants. Major speeches were held by four keynote speakers, - Gregory Arzumanian, FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM CEO; Jürg Hodel, executive Director at Staufen.Inova AG; Jessica Herschkowitz, Head of communications at Chocolats Camille Bloch SA; and Anita Aerni, a representor of UTZ which also is a member of Rainforest Alliance Certified.

As a part of moving towards Asian Market, FOODCOIN announces its participation in CES ASIA, which will take place in June, 11-13 in SWISS STARTUP PAVILION, Shanghai. This event is one of the largest trade shows that have set the gold standard for the trade show industry, and FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM will represent Switzerland, being the only Blockchain project among 20 Swiss startups.
Source: FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM has appeared at the great event
Source: FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM has appeared at the great event
Source: FOODCOIN Advisory Board has got a new member
Source: FOODCOIN Advisory Board has got a new member
Source: The advances of our technical team so far
Source: The advances of our technical team so far
New Advisory Board Member

FOODCOIN Advisory Board has got a new member, Adrian Peyer, a General Counsel Legal Affairs & Operations at one of the largest global insurance groups with Headquarter in Zurich. Adrian is an expert in corporate governance and a strong leader experienced at organizational change and project management. It is important have an experienced person to consult FOODCOIN in legal, compliance, regulatory, governance and risk-management aspects of business. This cooperation is expected to be fruitful, and it is planned to publish an interview with him.

And these are the advances of our technical team so far:

Development of the wallet for FOODCOIN Blockchain network

• Carried out optimizations in wallet system;
• Fixed bugs and conducted deep testing;
• Completed Implementation of the ERC20 tokens to coins exchanging system;
• Working on Android and iOS versions;

Bug fixing and testing FOODCOIN Blockchain

• Completed Blockchain testing;
• Bug detection and fixes;
• Working on the Provider system

Development of the payment system

• Carried out system testing
• Made bug detection and fixes;
• Conducted works on crypto exchange system;


• Improved information display on the base of new subsystems;
• Worked on User Account section of the Provider.

Thanks to all our users for being with us. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to send questions and suggestions to:

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