October and November 2018: Monthly Report

FOODCOIN Team brings the community the updates about the recent accomplishments.
FOODCOIN Monthly Report October and November 2018
Over the last period, there were several events related to FOODCOIN. Here are some of them:

• Grassfed on the Hill, a community of farmers from Maryland founded by Liz Reitzig, joined FOODCOIN Blockchain and started implementing it in their business to make their production process visible and transparent, which is convenient both for producers and customers. Now the information about their products is available in the system. This is how, apart from the larger food producers like Swiss cheese producers Sennereigenossenschaft Obergedteln and ALDIM GmbH, a German producer of canned food, FOODCOIN Blockchain began to be used also by small-scale farmers.

• CEO and founder of FOODCOIN Ecosystem, took part as a keynote speaker at Eco-Marketing Conference in Sсhloss Kirchberg, a gorgeous castle in Germany. The aim of participation in this conference is presenting FOODCOIN project and the problems it can solve, establishing new contacts with bio-food producers, associations, representants of German universities and startups. The most important guests of this conference were the Federal Chairperson of German Green Party Annalena Baerbock, Jan Plagge, the President of Bioland and IFOAM EU, who made an important speech about the future of eco-marketing in Germany.

Here are some technical milestones which have been accomplished so far.

• Development of the Wallet for FOODCOIN network:
o Design and functional improvements. Added PRORIDS and PRORID Lists, account information and Rich Text formatting for the description field.
o Added QR-Code reading and generation.
o Mobile version for Android platforms is now available.
o Working on authorization through different services.

• Development of the FOODCOIN Blockchain network:
o Optimization and testing the instant transaction system are in process.
o Licensed mining in the Blockchain is implemented, testing is in process.
o Private network beta-testing for Foodscan and in process.

• Development of the payment system:
o Started the development of the technical client application for checking the completeness of implemented API, testing and demonstration.

• FoodScan functional improvement:
o Information interface optimized based on new UX/UI prototype.

• Implementing optimized system prototype.

Plans for the upcoming month:

• Development of the Wallet for FOODCOIN network:
o Implementation of additional security system.
o Functional improvements for authorization through different services.
o PRORID and DIGID systems improvements.
o Integrating instant transaction support.
o Optimized prototype implementation.

• Development of the payment system:
o Payment system integration with the online shop for testing the platform on a real object.
o Security subsystem implementation.

• Optimization of the smart contracts for DIGID and PRORID tracking system.

• Optimization of Foodscan information interface based on new UX/UI prototype.

Thanks to all our users for being with us. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to send questions and suggestions to:

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