FoodCoin Monthly Report August 2018

FoodCoin Monthly Report August 2018Source: A 6-minute video featuring FoodCoin TeamSource: Improved PRORID and metadata systemSource: On 2nd Digital Meet and Greet Event
FoodCoin Monthly Report August 2018
FoodCoin Monthly Report August 2018
This August, FoodCoin Ecosystem had various important events which we are going to present in this review:

Over the last month, FoodCoin kept collaborating with Innovations TV. At the beginning of August, FOX Business channel released a 6-minute video featuring FoodCoin Team. The video is also available online, and it can be watched on FoodCoin YouTube channel.

Ecosystem Development

Foodcoin got listed on CoinMarketCap - the largest information resource about cryptocurrencies and exchanges. FOOD profile page contains all the actual information about the token: trade volume, total supply, exchange listings.

As you know, PRORID is ready to use, and first product data has already become available for tracking. This product is the Swiss cheese made in Sennereigenossenschaft Obergedteln by FOODCOIN partners, the president of the cooperative Mr. Hubi Jost and dairyman Dietmar Benedetti.

In August, 22, FoodCoin Team took part on 2nd Digital Meet and Greet Event which took place in Zurich, Switzerland. The founder of the project, Gregory Arzumanian, was a key speaker on the event. He presented to the audience features of FoodCoin and its partners. The presentation made a good impression. FOODCOIN appeared as tangible, really useful project with ready-made products.

FoodCoin Team prepared first presentation about the concept of FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM and the features of its blockchain. It presents FoodCoin blockchain as a basis for other tools of the ecosystem, featuring its concept, how double protections principle, and the systems of Verificators and Guarantors.

Technical Improvements

What has been made:

- Wallet in FoodCoin blockchain network.

• Added the mechanism for own data management;
• Improvements in PRORID system (improved work with connections, added new types of PRORID Contracts, added PRORID contract editing)
• Added data verifier work mechanism.
Source: A 6-minute video featuring FoodCoin Team
Source: A 6-minute video featuring FoodCoin Team
Source: Improved PRORID and metadata system
Source: Improved PRORID and metadata system
Source: On 2nd Digital Meet and Greet Event
Source: On 2nd Digital Meet and Greet Event
- FoodCoin Blockchain Development

• Metadata storage system was updated to suit GDPR;
• Improved PRORID and metadata system.

- Carried out the testing of all system in private network;

- Payment system development

• Implemented ETH support, in is now on testing and follow-up improvement;

- FoodScan function follow-up improvement

• Updated information display by metadata and PRORID system;
• Added mechanism for getting test coins in private networks;

- Created an improved Wallok prototype.

• Plans for September and October:

- Wallet in FoodCoin blockchain network

• Two-layer mining support implementation;
• Account restoring;
• PRORID system follow-up improvement.

- FoodCoin Blockchain improvement and testing

• Instant transaction and Guarantors behavior;

- Payment system development

• BTC and FOOD support implementation;

- FoodCoin Blockchain system development and testing

- Follow-up improvement of smart contracts of product tracking system.

We are preparing new features now. We believe these instruments will be helpful and convenient for our users. Stay tuned to the news!
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