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FCE GROUP is a Swiss company specialized in the digital transformation of business models and its further management. IoT- embedded systems digitize business processes and movements within supply chains, making the relationship between the interacting parties - from manufacturer to end consumer - transparent and trustworthy. We make business processes manageable, secure, and traceable
What challenges does FCE GROUP solve?
Implementing FCE technologies, we solve the following market and business problems:
• Confusing and complex supply chains that cannot be traceable and manageable;
• Complex paperwork for internal management and international cooperation;
• Distrust and a long search for business partners;
• Counterfeit and dangerous products, brand protection;
• Limited freedom of action and unfair pay from local producers;
• Broken or almost missing communication between the manufacturer and the end consumer.
Why FCE needed rebranding?
While the development of the project, we saw that we can do more than we planned for business and society. Consulting in the field of innovative technologies is a huge industry, and we as conductors of these technologies are ready to develop successfully in this area. FCE's technical developments are well suited to all industries that have supply and value chains. We offer our partners to go beyond the traditional business, and therefore decided to go beyond the food industry

FCE Platform

What is FCE Platform?
It is a unique combination of software and technical equipment for digitizing business processes, documentation flaws, production, and distribution of goods, automating the tracking and control of any transaction within the value chain
What business challenges FCE solves?
Digitization with FCE is necessary for businesses with inefficient resource allocation, weak planning, and opaque supply chains.

FCE is a solution for companies needing to:
• optimize and automate business processes,
• transfer document flow into digital space,
• reduce transportation costs and losses,
• increase customer loyalty,
• protect themself from counterfeiting,
• control transactions in the value chain,
• gain access to digital signatures, remote personal identification, and remote verification of documents.
What does FCE Platform do?
- Tracking supply chain routes;
- Tracking the status of the item at points of sale (sold/not sold);
- Tracking storage conditions;
- Tracking the number of goods in a container, warehouse, or store shelf;
- Optimization of merchandiser’s labor;
- Reducing or eliminating the possibility of losses in the supply chain;
- Identification of counterfeited goods;
- Tracking the authenticity, origin of the goods, and the conditions of its transportation by ordinary buyers;
- Digital paperwork;
- Digital signature;
- Remote verification of documents;
- Remote personal identification.
What is unique about FCE Platform?
The innovation of the system lies in a unique combination of complementary technologies. The system is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): IoT is an Internet-connected system, and Blockchain/DLT is decentralized storage and security of data. The data remains secure, but possible to hide through hashing. All information is sent to FCE cloud servers backed by hashes in the FCE blockchain.
FCE Platform is a one-stop-shop. You get flexible, integrated solutions that are customizable to your tasks. This includes a unique set of high-tech embedded systems that provide complete and secure value chain automation.
What companies suit FCE Platform solutions?
FCE Platform provides digital modernization, manageability, and networking. We select solutions individually for large and small-scaled manufacturers of goods, logisticians, distributors, merchandisers, end consumers, based on the developed FCE and based on IoT, Blockchain/DLT.
In what industries can FCE Platform models be applied?
FCE Platform is not limited to one industry, its technology can be applied in traceability, agriculture, food, retail, pharma, MedTech, industry, distribution, logistics, farming, etc.
What technologies are the base for FCE Platform?
The system is based on a combination of innovative M2M (machine-to-machine communication), IoT and Blockchain technologies. IoT is a system of Internet-connected devices, and Blockchain is a secure decentralized data storage system. IoT sensors are customizable and flexible for a wide range of specific tasks, depending on the needs of the Platform participants.
What solution does FCE offer to digitize document flow?
FCE Platform offers full digitization and automation of confusing and complex supply chain tracking and blockchain document storage. Instant communication and constant updating of information available to manufacturers, warehouse workers, logisticians, merchandisers, and sellers. Every movement and change are immediately available to all authorized users.
To manage complex paperwork, FCE Platform provides tools for digital document flow including digital signature, remote verification of documents, remote personal identification.
The problem of mistrust FCE solves with the implementation of blockchain technology - a system of storage of information that cannot be faked. The manufacturer or distributor using such a system is trustworthy by default. This means an easy search for partners and new business connections.
How does FCE fight to counterfeit?
To get rid of counterfeit and dangerous products and protect the brand, FCE brings the equipment to track product flows in a constant mode. This not only saves resources, allows the company to plan and manage supply chains as efficiently as possible, but also makes the appearance of unauthorized products in the supply chain impossible. The fastest possible product recall and detection of counterfeits protect the brand and its reputation.
How does FCE help local producers?
The implementation of FCE products gives more freedom of action and fairer pay for local producers. Violated local value chain does not allow to receive decent payment to small producers and farmers who do not have access to a large market. Digitalization will prove the quality of products, raise its value, and extend the supply chain, finding new partners.
How does FCE bring manufacturers and end consumers closer?
FCE also builds a direct link between the manufacturer and the end consumer. IT implementation makes possible digital product data verification, supply flexibility, and D2C marketing. The rapprochement with the buyer is one of the key areas for the movement of the business. The constant analysis helps to subtly feel and adapt to consumer requests.
Do I need special software to use the Platform?
We have developed the application for monitoring detailed movements of the product, its presence, and its condition by scanning RFID-tags. We designed it for manufacturers, logisticians, and merchandizers to directly work with the product throughout the supply chain. Ordinary consumers will be able to get full information about the product by scanning the QR code at the stores.
Can I embed the tracking system in my web resources?
Yes, it is possible to embed the display of information through the API and develop a separate web interface.
How is product data reliable?
The manufacturer applies RFID-tags with unique numbers on their products, and with every automatic scanning through sensors information comes directly to the blockchain and the cloud FCE server. If there are questionable manipulations with goods equipped with RFID tags, the system fixes them and transfer to the blockchain, where it is impossible to forge information.
Is it secure to use the FCE Platform?
The security of the platform is ensured by the fact that the information is sent to the cloud servers of FCE, backed by the blockchain.
What do I have to do to gain access to information about the movement of my goods?
We develop its own algorithm to make the database and track the product for each manufacturer, distributor, retailer, merchandiser.
Who can see the movement of my goods?
The movement of goods can be made both private - visible only to the corporate customer - and public, where the information will be available to everyone.
What information about my product can be obtained with IoT devices?
With the help of IoT devices, you can get almost any set of information collected by IoT sensors, for example, about the current state of the product: the parameters of the environment (air temperature, humidity, CO2, acidity, etc), the coordinates of the product. Information is collected and sent to the blockchain automatically, making manipulations impossible.
How much does a solution cost?
For each customer, the cost will be calculated individually. The cost of the solution will depend on the setting of the technical task, the volume of deliveries, and other factors.
What time will the development and implementation take place?
It depends on the volume of development and individual features of the company.

FCE Initiative

What is FCE Initiative?
This is a digital initiative designed to bring together all companies, services, media, social institutions, and other parties interested in digitization.
What is the purpose of FCE Initiative?
We are going to attract as many participants as possible to the FCE Platform. The aim of the Initiative is to create a synergistic effect by creating a critical mass of real participants in economic and social processes. In this way, we help companies seamlessly move into the Digital Age.
Who is the Initiative designed for?
For large businesses and SME (small and medium enterprises), logistics companies, retailers, and distributors who understand that the future of their business without digitalization is impossible, ready to innovate in business, share the experience.
Who is beneficial to join the Initiative?
Anyone interested in business development can become a member of the Initiative. The size of your business does not matter. We offer ways to improve, expand, reach the next level, and find like-minded people and partners who will help you.
How to become a member of FCE Initiative?
To become a member of the FCE project, you have to create an account by filling out the form here.
Why participation in the FCE Initiative is free?
The Initiative is a platform for communication, demonstrating the growing movement of digitalization. By joining the Initiative, you do not make any financial or legal obligations. The Initiative aims to form a consolidated global movement that demonstrates economic demands for innovations and specific challenges to implement them. Transparency and openness are laid both within the basis of the FCE Platform, and the framework of FCE Initiative. In fact, participants create an open club of socially oriented, sustainable digital companies.
What is unique about FCE Initiative?
FCE Initiative is the world's first community-building, technology-based relationship. It is a fundamentally new relationship architecture, changing the structure of internal and external processes. The initiative helps open-minded management comfortably and without risks to pass the step-by-step implementation of complex innovative technologies that directly correspond to the interests of their business, its digitization, and automation, as well as the needed level of transparency.
What specific challenges does the Initiative solve?
- We simplify supply chain digitization and automation, making it transparent and traceable;
- We create a white list of sustainable open-minded companies, which are ready to implement new technologies and share experiences with others, setting new standards in the economy.
- We perform as a social impact project for social good. Using FCE digital tools, we fight poverty, child labor, gender inequality; help small producers and farmers in developing countries grow their businesses, improving living standards.
How participants communicate here?
Participants will interact through meetings, conferences, events organized by the Platform or community members.
Why should I help others implement the technologies?
By helping others, you engage other participants in the digital world, creating a comfortable environment. Sharing your experience and the challenges of digitization and technological implementation, you help others avoid similar problems. This kind of networking makes the world one step closer to Industry 4.0, expanding opportunities for your business as well. By helping others, you help yourself.
Can I find partners by participating in the Initiative?
When there are enough companies joined the Initiative, we launch a system of interaction between FCE Initiative participants, including opportunities to find and find business partners.

FCE Blockchain

What is FCE Blockchain?
FCE has developed its blockchain as a stable foundation for its software products. FCE Blockchain is a decentralized data storage and verification system and a secure and sustainable base for making transactions and signing of smart contracts. Blockchain features are essential when operating with large amounts of data and the Internet of Things devices. The system automatically encrypts the data stored in the blockchain and lets authorized users to change and erase their data. FCE Blockchain features are key to building a flexible and sustainable business digitization system.
What is FCE DIGIT?
DIGID is a digital identity verification platform and the digital equivalent of ID. When a user creates an account or changes it, the remote verifier confirms that the personal data entered is correct. Each verified user can operate with finances and manage data in the blockchain. The tool protects personal data from unauthorized changes.
PRORID is software for product origin identification. It is designed to manage and store data on products, logistics, and other events to the blockchain. Producers, logistics, and warehouse companies provide data on the products to the system, share, and update them in real-time. The constant data flow and exchange of information are the digital transparency and traceability of supply chains. For the data to be updated automatically, FCE developed the Platform.
BISTRA is a blockchain-based supervisor, task, and document administration service. This tool brings the security and visibility of the internal work of the organization. The company's workers increase the efficiency, visibility, and growth of the business with BISTRA.
What is FCE SMACO?
SMACO is a system of flexibly managed smart contracts supporting multiple inputs and outputs. SMACO also provides access to the library of smart contracts. It is a tool with a wide purpose that the company can use for internal work and external arrangements.
DOCFLOC is a blockchain-based e-signature system for the secure digital document flow. Combined with remote verification and smart contracts, the e-signature provides trusted interaction between the parties.
What is FCE DIPAY?
DIPAY is an internal FCE crypto payment processor. Each blockchain record is a transaction, and FCE developed DIPAY to make records instantly and securely. In addition to data-recording transactions, DIPAY also conducts more complex financial operations on smart contract algorithms.
WALLOK is a crypto wallet and a digital platform that gives you access to the main toolkit. Verified users can make payments and comment on them.
FOODCAN/BLOCKSCAN is a data-tracking and scanning service. It gives detailed data on each transaction, product, user, delivery, etc.


FOOD coin listing conditions
- The exchange should be centralized. Please keep in touch with us about all updates and issues.
- To list FOOD, the exchange needs to develop an interface to interact with our WEB-API.
- Interaction with FCE blockchain is carried out through FCE Group gateway through the Ethereum Json-Rpc protocol.
- To purchase FOOD, user must be verified at FCE Blockchain. Under the rules of our platform, the transactions from/to unverified users will be rejected. You should notify the users of the exchange about this.
Please, contact us if you do not see the answer to your question
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