FCE GROUP AG is a Swiss company providing technology consulting services and engaged in the development, adaptation and improvement of blockchain and cloud technologies for business.

Blockchain can bring together different parties in conditions of lack of trust. This technology eliminates malicious modification of data and program code and unauthorized interference from any side. By enabling each party to see the same data, its origin and timing, blockchain can help eliminate complex and costly data reconciliation required by most data management systems.

Availability of relevant data for sharing between different actors does away with the lack of connectivity and encourages collaboration across the entire value chain in a secure and reliable way.

The main activity of the company is to ensure traceability, digital transformation, and optimization of supply chain management. FCE provides expert technical guidance, planning, and implementation of digital solutions, which are required by the production and logistics processes of businesses of different industries.


FCE brings to life the potential of blockchain and cloud technologies for business. We digitize and simplify relationships between interacting parties of supply chains from producer to consumer. We connect the business and its requirements with high-level tech experts and provide full technology consulting. We make business processes manageable, secure and traceable.

FCE Platform offers you:
- Supply chain Traceability;
- Document flow on blockchain;
- Digital workflow;
- D2C marketing;
- Digital ID;
FCE Platform tools:


1000EcoFarms is a global business-to-consumer and business-to-business online marketplace for natural food. The platform provides marketing, order and payment processing services for hundreds of small farmers and food producers as well as extensive set of additional functions for individual farmers, food buying clubs and co-ops. Consumers and small businesses around the world are using the platform to connect directly with growers and producers and to purchase fresh, natural food.
Offices in USA (Bethesda, MD) and Russian Federation (Moscow)
1000+ seller accounts in US and in Russia
5000+ individual products listed
9000+ registered users
Generating revenue as of October 2016
Represented on 5 continents

Concept - Technology - Structure - Functionality

Concept - Technology - Structure - Functionality
The concept of FCE Platform represents an easily scalable feature-rich platform that complements services provided by the traditional financial, legal, insurance and logistical institutions, and expands and enhances their capabilities, providing ways for additional cooperation between the platform and traditional businesses.
FCE Platform provides a peer-to-peer network of associated nodes. Each node stores a complete copy of FCE Platform. These nodes are provided in the architecture of a private, as well as public blockchain structure to maximize the protection against unauthorized modification of data.
FCE project includes several base functions, such as smart contracts creation, payments processing, digital ID support and others, necessary to conduct efficient and inexpensive commercial transactions between system participants..
FCE Platform includes a hierarchical and customizable system for the data access and transactions processing. Each element of FCE structure represents a tool, linked with the rest elements of the platform, but capable of operating independently.


The data collected and dynamically processed through FCE Platform will form the basis for AI analysis, allowing real-time dynamic communication to system participants and third-parties of information on price and availability changes for large categories of goods, linked to the climatic changes, geographical location, seasonality, etc.
FCE Platform functionality will allow the use of the platform as an interface between users and for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as sensors, barcode scanners, or scales via open APIs. Such devices will become full-fledged parties of smart-contracts (Smaco), capable of initiating, confirming or canceling transactions.
Using FCE as a complementary social currency in closed communities encourages the demand for locally produced goods and services, thus stimulating local economic activity.
FCE crypto currency can be used as a mechanism to quickly and easily provide financial assistance to people suffering from hunger, farmers who find themselves in difficult situations or charitable organizations that support social and environmental missions around the world.


Since a major part of FCE Platform capabilties is related to the fintech sphere, cooperation with traditional and online banks is a logical opportunity for the future development of the platform. In addition, legal, insurance and logistics companies, as well as other services related to trade management on the local, national or international level, form a natural set of potential partners and customers for FCE Platform.
Quick integration into the realities of the new global digital economy with new sources of income
Risk of exclusion from the trade transactions chains and reduction of the customer base


the first
half of
FCE will establish an internal, non-custodial exchange
end of May2023FCEM coins will be available for circulation
end of April2023Exchange of FOOD tokens for FCEM coins
end of
Freeze all transactions for ERC-20 FOOD tokens
end of2022Introduction of TransparenTerra for holders of FOOD
2021DecemberSmaco launching (FCE smart-contract system)
2020OctoberDiPay (Payment processor service)
2019DecemberDIGID launching (remote identity process)
2019MayPRORID (product origin authentication system) launching.
2018DecemberFCE blockchain & WallOK v. 1.0 (public beta-testing)
2018SeptemberWallOK v.1.0 (beta-testing)
2018AugustFCE blockchain v. 1.0 (beta-testing)
2018JuneWallOK v.1.0 (alpha-testing)
2018MayFCE blockchain v. 1.0 (alpha-testing)
2018MarchFOODSCAN launching (beta)
2018MarchWebsite redesign
2017DecemberTGE 1-st stage
2017OctoberFCE company establishing in Switzerland
2017AugustMarket research
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